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KIWI® Barefoot Sneaker Insoles

KIWI® Barefoot Sneaker Insoles allow you to enjoy premium barefoot comfort that conforms to the natural movement of your feet while guarding against the growth of bacterial odor. Dual-density layer foam provides a lightweight cushion of support underneath a 76%-bamboo rayon topcloth for breathable, moisture-absorbent comfort.

No socks, no sweat. Keep your sneaker game (smelling) fresh.

Using KIWI® Barefoot Sneaker Insoles


1. Place insoles into shoe to test for size

2. If needed, trim along the outline (on bottom of insole) that matches your shoe size.

3. Insert insole into shoe with dark side down. For best performance, replace insole after every 6 months or after 5 washes or at first sign of wear.