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KIWI® Sneaker Cleaner

  • KIWI® Sneaker Cleaner has a powerful formula to clean white shoes, suede shoes and tennis shoes
  • Sponge-top brush is the perfect shoe cleaner tool for removing marks, dirt, salt and stains from sneakers
  • Suitable for Full Grain and Patent Leather, Synthetic and Faux Leather, Canvas, Suede, Nubuck, Mesh, Nylon and Fabric
  • Step 1 of the 3-Step KIWI® Sneaker Care system

Using KIWI® Sneaker Cleaner

  Kiwi Sneaker Cleaner

Step 1

Wipe the shoe surface with a wet cloth.

Step 2

Press the sponge down to release the product, and spread the liquid in a circular direction.

Step 3

Wipe off the residue on the surface with a wet cloth.

Step 4

Allow the shoe to dry for 30 min.


  • Read warning and instructions on the product label.
  • Follow the care instructions for the item you intend to treat.
  • *If in any doubt, patch test KIWI® products in an inconspicuous area before treating the whole item.