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KIWI® Shine & Nourish Cream

  • KIWI® Shine & Nourish Cream nourishes, protects and shines leather shoes
  • Made with a special blend of waxes to help make shoes look like new for longer*
  • Tube has a convenient applicator sponge to easily apply cream to shoes
  • Shoe cream provides proven long-lasting water protection
  • Available in Black, Brown, and Neutral (for all colors)

Using KIWI® Shine & Nourish Cream

1. Wipe any dirt off shoes with cloth.

2. Remove cap. Squeeze tube to release cream into applicator sponge. Lightly glide sponge to apply cream evenly over shoe or in areas desired. Allow to dry.

3. Rinse applicator sponge and replace cap to keep sponge soft for future use.

4. To protect items against water and stains, use KIWI® Protect All after polishing.


  • Read warning and instructions on the product label.
  • Follow the care instructions for the item you intend to treat.
  • If in any doubt, patch test KIWI® products in an inconspicuous area before treating the whole item.
  • Protect your clothing, carpets and furniture before using KIWI® products.