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KIWI® Outdoor Conditioning Oil

  • KIWI® Outdoor Conditioning Oil contains a rich blend of conditioners
  • Nourishes and waterproofs smooth leather

Using KIWI® Conditioning Oil

1. Ensure article is clean and dry before application.

2. Work a thin coat of Conditioning Oil into leather or seams with a cloth or polish applicator.

3. Wipe of excess and immediately allow to dry for several hours.


Not for use on suede or delicate leathers. May cause light colored leathers to darken. Use KIWI® Protect All or KIWI® Suede Protector to weatherproof delicate leathers and suede. For dirty items, use KIWI® Saddle Soap to clean prior to using this product.


  • Read warning and instructions on the product label.
  • Follow the care instructions for the item you intend to treat.
  • If in any doubt, patch test KIWI® products in an inconspicuous area before treating the whole item.
  • Protect your clothing, carpets and furniture before using KIWI® products.