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kiwi freshins insole

KIWI® Fresh’ins Insole

With KIWI® Fresh’ins Insole, you can enjoy the feeling of fresh foot comfort all day long. Each pack contains 6 pairs of lightly fragranced, disposable liners, giving you an entire month’s worth of shoe freshness.

KIWI® Fresh’ins Insole 4-layer technology:

  • Features breathable microfibers which enable KIWI Fresh'ins Insole to be ultra slim and soft to touch
  • Offers a light fragrance that keeps your shoes and feet fresh all day
  • Includes a middle layer with super absorbent polymers to help encase moisture
  • Provides an anti-slip layer to ensure perfect fit

available in:

Ladies (4-5) (6-7), Men’s (8-9) (10-11)


kiwi suggested materials

Suggested materials:

  • KIWI® Fresh’ins Insoles

Step 1

Place in shoe with the blue anti-slip layer facing downwards.

Step 2

Reclose the re-sealable bag to keep freshness of remaining pairs.

Step 3

Replace after about 5 days of use.

For Best Results

For all-day freshness, just slip a pair of KIWI® Fresh'ins Insoles into your shoes. Ultra-thin and gentle to the touch, you can even wear them in close fitting shoes.