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kiwi foot silk

KIWI® Foot Silk

KIWI® Foot Silk lets you enjoy the comfort of your favourite shoes by providing an invisible wrap of pure silk on your skin to help protect your feet from shoe friction, leaving them feeling fresh and dry all day long.

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Suggested materials:

  • KIWI® Foot Silk
  • Your feet!
Apply on healthy skin and stop if irritation occurs.

How to stop shoe friction when bare footed

Step 1

Shake the can well before use.

Step 2

Hold 15cm from foot and spray evenly over feet and toes.

Step 3

Allow to dry.

For Best Results

Do you love wearing your shoes without socks or stockings but are afraid of getting blisters? Fear no more: KIWI® Foot Silk helps your feet quickly adapt to this new condition by protecting your feet from shoe friction.