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KIWI® Boot Protector

KIWI® Boot Protector

KIWI® Boot Protector offers tough silicone protection for work and outdoor boots. Its unique formula bonds to leather and fabrics to create an extremely tough water barrier, while still allowing materials to breathe. Ideal for work, hunting, hiking, and other outdoor boots and shoes.

Available in:

297g, 340g


kiwi suggested materials

Suggested materials:

  • KIWI® Boot Protector
For all leather products.


Ensure boots are clean and dry before use. Patch test for colour-fastness before use. Shake can well before using.


Hold can upright and spray entire surface of boots from 7 to 10 inches away with a light, even coat. For maximum protection, apply a second coat after 4 hours.


Allow article to dry for 24-48 hours before wearing.


Spot test light colour materials, as silicone may impart a slightly darker, richer tone. Use KIWI® Protect-All™ or KIWI® Suede Protector to weatherproof delicate leathers and suede. For dirty boots, use KIWI® Boot Cleaner prior to protecting.

Always Remember

  • Read warning and instructions on the product label.
  • Follow the care instructions for the item you intend to treat.
  • If in any doubt, patch test KIWI® products in an inconspicuous area before treating the whole item.
  • Protect your clothing, carpets and furniture before using KIWI® products.

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