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KIWI® Protect-All Waterproofer

KIWI® Protect-All Waterproofer creates an invisible shield that helps prevent water and dirt from penetrating leather, suede, nubuck, fabric and textile footwear, while still allowing them to breathe. Great for shoes, boots, athletic footwear and other leather articles such as jackets, coats, bags, hats and backpacks.

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suggested materials

Suggested materials:

  • KIWI® Protect-All Waterproofer
Always cover your work surface with newspaper before spraying shoes.


Shake can well before use.

Step 2

Hold can upright approximately 15 to 20cm from surface.

Step 3

Spray entire surface evenly and throughly.

Step 4

Let leather and suede dry at room temperature.

Always Remember

Apply product in well-ventilated area. Articles should be dry and clean before application.

for best results


How to Protect Your Shoes

How to Protect Your Shoes

Repeat application to improve waterproofing effect.