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KIWI® Laces

Tie your shoes with confidence. KIWI® Laces are made from quality polyester viscose, so they're stronger and more durable than regular cotton laces.

available in:

KIWI® Athletic & Sport laces: 120cm 8-10 eyelets

KIWI® Everyday laces: 2 pairs - Black 69cm 3-4 eyelets & Brown 69cm 3-4 eyelets

KIWI® School laces: 75cm 4-6 eyelets

KIWI® Fashion laces - 3 pack: 3 pairs - Pink/Red/Blue 120cm 8-10 eyelets

KIWI® Boot laces: Black/Brown 120cm 8-10 eyelets, Yellow/Brown 150cm 8-10 eyelets


suggested materials

Suggested materials:

  • KIWI® Laces

Step 1

Remove old laces.

Step 2

Place new laces in shoes.